Roger Avary’s Name Mentioned With Silent Hill 2 By Novelist

Roger Avary’s Name Mentioned With Silent Hill 2 By Novelist

Oscar winner Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction) penned the movie version of Konami horror game Silent Hill. Word has it he’s involved with the sequel.

Avary also penned and directed the movie version of Bret Easton Ellis book The Rules of Attraction. According to an interview with his pal Ellis, Avary is doing Silent Hill 2. Here’s the exchange regarding Avary and Easton’s novel Glamorama:

Q. Is he [Avary]still attached to direct Glamorama?

Ellis: He’s going to be shooting Silent Hill 2. As far as Glamorama, it’s just very hard to get the money to make it.

This is hardly official confirmation — though, Ellis did he and Avary had dinner together recently, so it could just be unannounced.

The monkey wrench in this Avary-is-doing-Silent-Hill-2 chatter: The filmmaker was charged with vehicular manslaughter last December, and if convicted, he faces 11 years in prison. That is, if Avary wasn’t in the movie business and this wasn’t California.

Bret East Ellis [The Cult via Bloody Disgusting via Dtoid via GoNintendo]


  • The writing on the first Silent Hill movie was awful. There are always other factors involved in these botched jobs – executive meddling, focus testing etc. But removing Avary as a factor could boost the possibility of the sequel being watchable.

    Hoping that he gets thrown in the slammer for 11 years seems a tad excessive, but perhaps we could hope that the legal action will use up all of the time he would have spent making another crappy script.

  • The rumors of SH2 movie have been circulating since the first one came out. I read that Avery wouldn’t be interested in writing it unless C. Gans was directing it. The first movie was a let down if you ask me, just a huge gore fest and nothing psychological about it in the slightest.

    The old saying “if it aint broke why fix it”…well this movie was broke, so fix it by getting a new writer that actually appreciates the genre of what SH is and not put an American slant on it

  • I’m attempting to write the sequel to Silent Hill. Do you all have any suggestions for me with the sequel?

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