Rumour: Halo 3: ODST Dated And Priced?

Rumour: Halo 3: ODST Dated And Priced?
halo3-odst_8An Australian retailer has listed the release date and price for Halo 3: ODST. But is it legit?

This morning a Kotaku reader alerted us to this listing on the JB Hi-Fi product page for Halo 3: ODST. The two pertinent pieces of information are:

Release date: September 16 Price: AU$79.00

We asked Microsoft about it and were – unsurprisingly – told that they have not announced a release date or pricing for Halo 3: ODST. So let’s speculate!

Halo 3 launched on September 25, 2007, so it makes sense that Microsoft would want to link ODST’s release date as closely as possible. But why the 16th rather than the 25th?

ODST is more of an expansion pack than a full game, so it also makes sense that Microsoft would rather get it out before the big AAA holiday titles hit in October and November. But does 80 bucks really sound like an expansion pack to you?

Definitely filing this one under rumour for now.

Halo 3: ODST [JB Hi-Fi, thanks Ben!]


  • $80 for an expansion and 5 hours of gameplay? That doesn’t really sound that enticing, then again its not like people aren’t going to pay that much for a Halo product… look at Halo Wars?

    It seems likely, but not exactly fair on the consumer.

    • Alas, it would appear very unlikely that the game is going to get any kind of real graphical boost.

      I’m pretty sure I read on one of the Weekly Updates that they would not be doing much to the engine. Rather, this is strictly an expansion. No Elites, no Master Chief, no 720p, no improvements to the anti-aliasing, no networked multiplayer. Just a stripped down campaign featuring, supposedly, a range of ODST characters.

      I’m sure they’ll add a few new filters and whatnot, but don’t get your hopes up for a modernisation.

      If true, $79 is very steep, even with retailer specials. The fact that they’re bundling maps with it (maps that many people have ALREADY paid for) speaks volumes. This isn’t a product that can stand by itself. They’re padding it out with other content (double dipping, actually) in order to justify a price grab.

  • @Blackwater: I believe it also contains all the multiplayer maps they’ve made available so far as DLC, and will have several more.

  • If it’s true $80 is probably the RRP and when it actually releases JB will drop it to $50 or something similar.

    Usually when you preorder a game from them you do so for the RRP $120.00 or whatever, then when it releases you can grab it for $79 on the day.

    $80 RRP sounds about right for ODST, don’t froget it’s five hours of a single game, plus all the ODST multiplayer stuff thats been hinted at, plus all the maps that have so far been released, the Heroic, Legendary and Mythic packs plus Cold Comfort.

  • Hoping to see some improvements in the tech this time around. Higher res models would be nice, proper 1280×720 res instead of that jaggy scaled image they had in 3, I always thought it unfortunately that Halo 3 never really struck me as something that would stand the test of time from a technical standpoint.

    Its been a while since Halo 3’s release so they should be able to improve reaonably. Just look at what extra Epic was able to squeeze out between Gears 1 and 2. I’m not expecting Killzone or Uncharted sort of stuff, but a little bit more candy to go with the alway solid gameplay would be a good thing.

  • What do you mean Expansion Pack…? It is More of a full game rather then an expansion….well lets call it a value variety bucket, ODST + ALL Halo 3 Maps, sounds good to me.

  • Man, I could not care less about this game, except to post my thoughts that I could not care less about this game.

  • Sorry I missed the meeting where we decided that 5 hours of game play and some multiplayer maps were worth $80, that’s what you should pay for a full game if you shop right.

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