Rumour: Team ICO's "Project TRICO" Leaks Early

First details on the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus developers PlayStation 3 project may have just leaked online, just a few weeks before the game was expected to make an appearance at E3.

The alleged trailer for "Project TRICO," by way of PlayStation Lifestyle, begins with a scene that might be familiar to followers of Team ICO's work. The PlayStation developer teased the opening imagery in a job recruiting ad that ran last year. The rest will look completely new.

Project TRICO shows the interaction of a young boy who bears a striking resemblance to the lead character in ICO and a giant animal that looks part feline, part rodent, a giant feathery, furry thing that has clearly had its wings clipped. The trailer shows off possible gameplay mechanics that fit in with previous Team ICO games, namely cooperative platforming.

Project Trico - HD [YouTube]


    An open letter to the person responsible for this leak,

    ...THANK YOU!!!!!!


      OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!! That's all I have to say. Thank you. :P

    looks incredible

    if this turns out to be as epic as ICO and SotC, this will definitely warrant a PS3 purchase! please be good.

    Pretty :)

    4 comments? ONLY 4?! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt. i unwillingly urinated all over my keyboard when i saw this!!

    Am I meant to be impressed with a FMV of a poorly animated boy (seriously, who runs like that??) and his hybrid retarded animal friend?

      A) Clearly this is not FMV its realtime, do you have any idea what your talking about?

      B) Poorly animated? the SOTC line has some of the best animation seen in gaming, period.

      C) Why are you worried about a non-realistic running style when there is a giant rat creature?

      D) Good luck with the whole paying out Trico thing...the rest of the world has your back on that one mate :D haha

      so not FMV. definatley realtime... but from what who knows...

      damn this shit looks good.

    @ harry sachz

    i would like to see you do better sunshine


    @ Charlie,

    Yeah nice one....

    All I am saying is that this is just another run-of-the-mill FMV scene, and a not very good one at that. I can't see what the big deal is.

    Just earlier today, I was discussing with a work collegue and a customer how it takes a lot to get me really excited for a game these days. There's a lot I look forward to, but not much that actually gets me excited.

    Watching this trailer just gave me the biggest nerdgasm I've had since the Dreamcast launch in '99. Thank you Team Ico.

    You boys need to take a step back, put away those rose coloured glasses and look at this clip for what it is. It's some weak FMV sequences with a little bit of gameplay slapped on it. Nothing to get excited about.

      I think you should shut your cynical mouth. You're raining on our parade.

        Cynical? Realistic is closer to the mark.


      Firstly, are you aware of what the acronym FMV means? Secondly, its nothing for YOU to get excited about obviously, but no-one cares about that. Most people here probably got more excited about the Trico teaser image a few months ago than you could imagine.

      haha.... how funny would it be if this guy is a fan and just wanted to see what would happen if he went against the grain. Just a diff perspective is all.

      Im a huge fan of team ICO and when i first saw the pic for the recruitment ad i peed in my pants from excitement, so i know how these guys feel when your presented with a whole trailer.

    @Harry Sachz

    I take it you have not played neither ICO nor SOTC. Those games are as close to a work of art as games can get.

    I'm yet to meet a serious gamer who disses this series.

    This game looks original in the sense that your companion isnt some small bird or dog creature helping you to leap over chasms or break open chests.

    The thing is a size of a building! How they will work this into the gameplay and story really excites me.

    This makes me depressed that I don't have a PS3.

    On another note, it seems team ICO is going for some sort of emotional experience here. Well, they always do that, but here in this trailer the concept can be pretty clearly seen. You know, like what Molyneux (or however the hell you spell it), trrriiieed to do for Fable 2, but failed. ala, some sort of companion, innocently taking care of you.

    On another another note, face needs more texture plox. D:

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