Rumour: Wii MotionPlus Priced And Dated For Australia?

Nintendo Australia has yet to give us the official word on the release date and price of its Wii MotionPlus add-on. But we think we know.

Last week, the Aussie Nintendo site VOOKS heard a whisper from a retailer source that $34.95 is the price you'll pay to add some more sophisticated waggle to your Wii gaming.

Now, the Wii MotionPlus product page on the EB website has been updated to list the same price. So we're pretty confident $35 is the price.

As for when we'll see it, neither VOOKS nor the EB site list a date. And Nintendo themselves have yet to even provide a local launch timeframe for MotionPlus or Wii Sports Resort, the first in-house title to support the add-on. However, we do know when a few other games are coming out.

The EA duo of Tiger Woods and Grand Slam Tennis as well as SEGA's Virtua Tennis 2009 are all set for release on June 18. All three games support MotionPlus and are even bundled with it in North America.

So, we're calling it now: Wii MotionPlus will go on sale in Australia on June 18 for $34.95 RRP.

Wii Motion Plus priced for Australia [VOOKS]


    Gee WOW 2 tennis games - is this what the Wii and its new motion controller has be relegated to? A glorified tennis simulation machine? No doubt Wii Sports Resort will have an "updated" tennis mini-game in it too...

    This is actually about $15 cheaper than I thought it would be.

    Still waiting on the Star Wars game before I get it though.

    Rock on - I cannot wait for TW010 and EAGST. The Wii is firing on all cylinders at the moment - Little King's Story (Wii GOTY), Pikmin 2, HOTD:OK, now this.


    I am really excited about Tiger for some reason. Usually I would consider a next gen but this time I want Wii

    Still waiting for Ninty Aus to give us a PUNCH OUT!! date!

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