Search Is On For Darjeeling's "Arcade Boy"

If someone can pull off the needle-in-a-haystack search for a kid who managed a game parlour in the Indian Himalayas 10 years ago, a "mysterious benefactor" will send the arcade a Dreamcast.

Remarkably, the writer of last week's piece on "the highest arcade in the world," (7,000 feet above sea level) is having some luck finding the young man who whooped his arse at Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the PSOne back in 1999. Lee Bradley says that, after his piece ran on Bitmob, someone wrote to say he would ship a Dreamcast and some games over to the parlor in Darjeeling, India.

Apparently the reader failed to notice this travelogue was about an experience 10 years ago. Undeterred, Bradley set off to locate the kid and/or the parlour. After a call to the hotel he'd stayed in, and an appeal on the comments section of a Darjeeling newspaper's site, Bradley's gotten so far as to narrow the parlour's site down to one of three locations. He's asked a local man to visit them and take some pictures of each so he can verify which is correct.

He's waiting to hear back. More on this as it develops.

Also by the way, "highest arcade in the world" has a nice ring to it, but at 7,000 feet, I'm sure there are some game rooms at ski areas, past or present, that could top that. But I bet they don't serve the kind of tea you can get at this place.

The Search for Arcade Boy [Bitmob]


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