Second Year Of Sega Sammy Losses

Times are tough. Sega Sammy knows. The company has released its 2008 fiscal results, posting a loss for the second year straight.

The company chalked up a net ¥ 22.88 billion loss, which was less than the ¥52.47 billion loss of last year. The company's pachinko and arcade business caused financial bleeding. While game sales were firm, there was a 7.5 percent decline in those sales.

Sega Sammy did see a pretax profit of ¥6.64 billion compared to the previous year's ¥8.22 billion, but is already forecasting a 2.1 percent decrease in sales for the next financial year.

In order to cut costs, Sega Sammy is offering an early retirement program.


    SEGA SAMMY needs to seriously think about what kind of games they are making.... They should look at Nintendo's business model for its awesome back catalogue of remakes.... Nintendo has built such a strong cult following with re-inventions of the past... Their audience grows from old and new gamers loyal to their quality software. Anyone interested in Blu-Ray Space Harrier 4D including 3D eyewear???

    What Sammy needs to do, is GO SCREW itself in the ass. I can not wait until the day Hajime Satomi retires (I heard he must retire at age 75). When that day comes I am skip into a flower meadow (Oh I think I'm gonna cry). You know what? And for kicks I am thinking of becoming a private investor when I am older, for one reason. To buy Sega Sammy. I will have Sega Sammy dissolved and absorbed into Sega, and shares and stocks will move to Sega. Sammy will also be absorbed into Sega. All companies with the name Sammy or Sega Sammy will be renamed to Sega. Also any Sammy employee who had anything to do with the loss of quality of Sega or had anything to do with Sega becoming a place for no creativity for quality will be FIRED right there on the spot.

    I also heard that Hajime Satomi is a Yakuza. If he is SCREW HIM. Oh and what about the slot machines and pachinkos, well I will split Sega internal teams into external first party developers (kinda like what Activision has). The Sammy employees who manufacture pachinkos and slot machines will move to Sega and manufacture them there. Oh and just for kicks Sega will purchase all the other shares that other companies/people own in TMS Entertainment from them. Sega will be the most powerful entertainment company in japan and will have businesses in video games, toys, anime, music, and pachinkos/slot machines. I cannot wait for the day that Sammy dies as a company while Sega lives on. Oh and for more kicks Sega could possibly merge with Capcom or maybe even Konami, that would be one hell of a company.

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