Sega Finally Brings Jambo! Safari Home

Jambo! Safari may not be Sega's most recognisable arcade title, but it ranks as a personal favourite. So I'm probably more excited than 99% of you to learn that Sega is finally bringing it home.

Sega has announced that Jambo! Safari, a port of the 1999 arcade title, will be coming to the Wii later this year with "modern graphics and deeper gameplay, suited to today's Nintendo consumers." Staying true to the arcade original, players can choose one of four safari rangers and a small fleet of vehicles to catch and photograph African wildlife. It will arrive as Jambo! Safari Ranger Adventure, adding required-by-Wii-law mini-games including "Ostrich Racing" and "Meerkat Madness."

Trust me, it's far more fun than I'm making it out here, akin to similar Sega arcade titles released at the time like Crazy Taxi and 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker.

Also potentially exciting is an announced Nintendo DS version of Jambo! Safari, dubbed Jambo! Safari Animal Rescue. Details and media are still scarce.


    Hold on... isnt this game more recent that 1999? What is that big deluxe arcade Sega Safari game called that was released in 2005/2006?

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