Sega's Sakura Wars Finally Coming Stateside (But Not From Sega)

Sega and Red Entertainment's popular Sakura Wars series has never seen release in North America, denying English-speaking fans of both tactical military action and dating sims an opportunity to experience the game. No more!

Today NIS America announced that Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love will be coming to North America this Fall, letting PlayStation 2 and Wii owners find love in between bouts of steam-powered mech battling. For those unfamiliar with the long-running series, the strategy role-playing game offers a chance to foster relationships with cute, doe-eyed anime ladies, as well as let off some steam in ground and air-based battles.

For followers of the Sakura Wars series, the North American localisation appears to be based on Sakura Wars V, which landed on Japanese PlayStation 2s in 2004.


    Would have preferred a release for a next-gen console.

    about effin time

      Quoted for truth, man.
      Honestly though, is the franchise even alive at this point? I remembered gawking over this game years and years ago...
      NIS does not disappoint!

    If they dub it and neglect the option for the original Japanese voices, I'll cry. A huge part of the game(s) was the talent behind the actors.

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