So, How Long Until Final Fantasy XIII Is Out In Europe?

As we've pointed out with numbers, few Japanese publishers are as tardy with their European releases as Square Enix. So how's the Final Fantasy XIII localisation coming along, then?

In a statement that's not exactly encouraging for European fans, Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has told Videogamer:

Obviously we would like to release [in Europe]as soon as possible. Traditionally the Final Fantasy numbered series, it takes about half a year between the release in Japan and the release in North America, and another half a year before it's released in Europe. But we would like to minimise this, this time.

For example we have already started recording English voices, and also the text localisation has been in progress, too. Normally we complete the Japanese version first, then move on to the US and EU versions, but this time there are some tasks that are happening simultaneously. So this time we're hoping to release sooner than a year later than the Japanese release.

It's amazing that we're nine years into the 21st century, and 13 games into the Final Fantasy series, and Square Enix still don't have their shit together. How is it Metal Gear Solid 4 can ship worldwide simultaneously, while Square can only offer "we're hoping to release sooner than a year later than the Japanese release"?

Hope is no guarantee (less than a year can still be 11 months!), and hope won't cut it with angry Europeans, Square Enix. Especially the ones that can't speak English, and thus can't import the US version.

FXIII release in Europe sooner than a year after Japan [VideoGamer]


    SE is full of shit anyway. Just because they had some hit games they think they are GODS gift to gaming and can do as they please when it comes to releasing games for fans on time.

    Square-Enix still don't get it eh?

    Please let the US version on ps3 be region free.

      All PS3 games are region free.

        Have any games on the PS3 shipped with region protection?

    Agreed, and Metal Gear Solid 4's script should be just as long as any Final Fantasy game [insert 360 Fanboy laughter]

    stuff it im learning Japanese.....

    Anyone willing to take the bet they won't include the Japanese audio in the western releases of the game? They've always said "it wouldn't fit onto the disc" in the past, but now they have no excuse... (for the PS3 version at least)

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