So, How Much Of The Market Does GameStop Hold Down?

While GameStop are the most high-profile specialist games retailer, games are sold in a lot of other places. Department stores. Electronics stores. Online. Convenient stores, even. So how big is GameStop's share of the market?

Well, according to some research done by Gamasutra, in the United States the chain controls 21% of the games market (excluding accessories & PC software, whose data was "impossible to extract without resorting to outright guesswork"). That's... well, it's not anywhere near as high as I'd have thought.

You can check out the full report below, which reveals the number of stores per 100,000 Americans, and the fact that the state with the highest density of GameStop stores is... Delaware.

In Depth: GameStop Controls 21 Percent Of U.S. Game Market [Gamasutra]


    @zerokoolpsx: Why would anyone ever buy purchase something new that isn't sealed? If you buy something that isn't sealed and then become offended when you find out that it probably wasn't new, that makes you stupid. I wouldn't buy a can of food with the seal broken or a new car with mileage on it, and I wouldn't buy a new game that isn't sealed, and neither should you.

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