So, Just How Many Games Come Out At Christmas Time?

It's a common complaint from gamers: there are just too damn many games coming out between October and December to give time to them all. But just how many games are there at Christmas?

Research firm EEDAR have crunched the numbers and found out. In these graphs - the colourful kind, of course - you can see how many games are released in the final quarter of the year, how big a percentage of the year's total sales those Q4 games comprise, and how well games from each quarter are critically received.

None of this will shake your beliefs in the market to their very core, but it's interesting to see that there are a lot more crummy games released at Christmas time than any other. Stocking stuffers indeed.


    If you're going to post low res terrible quality graphs post a warning. This can't be acceptable on any level?

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