So, Just How Many People Have Lost Their Jobs In The Past 12 Months?

Despite constant claims that the gaming business is recession proof, it seems every day we wake up to learn more and more people have lost their jobs. But just how many have been lost?

M2 analyst Wanda Meloni has tried to work out just that and, through through her studies, has found that an estimated 8,450 video game professionals worldwide have been laid off since July 2008. Most (around 75%) of those have been in North America, where she reckons just shy of 12% of the entire games industry workforce has been given the boot.

That's the bad news! The good news is, at least some of those have turned around and straight away found new work somewhere else. And even if they couldn't - though we wonder just how reassuring this is to those still without work - the dire climate has led to a "a new spirit of entrepreneurialism... rising from the ashes of these former jobs and companies"

Almost 12% of US Games Biz Laid Off [GameBizBlog]


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