So, What Were Square Enix's Biggest Games For 2008?

Japan's fiscal year reporting season draws to a close, and one of the last companies to report their data was Square Enix. Contained within that data was a colourful graph showing their 2008 game sales.

As you can see, it was sort of an "off" year (the fiscal year running from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009) for the company, with only the DS re-release of Dragon Quest V managing to move more than a million units over that 12-month period (this chart only includes sales for that fiscal year, not lifetime sales). Its sales of 1.35 mil place it ahead of Dissidia, which moved 930,000 units for the year.

Before anyone remarks at how poor those Star Ocean 4 sales are, remember, the game still isn't out in Europe yet.


    Really interesting graph. I wonder if S/E were able to turn up green on some of those huge titles. Last Remnant - I can bet they lost money on that.

    And I am guessing the reason why Crisis Core was so low sales in Japan was because it released earlier than 2008 in Japan.

    But these are not incredibly lackluster sales figures. Go Look at similarly high production PS2 games from S/E and the numbers are roughly the same. Only PS3 and X360 games are more expensive to develop.

      It's a damn shame Last Remnant did so badly. I loved it so much; as did many of my friends. The question has to arise, was it too innovative, or was there other problems? I found the battle system was easy to get used to after a few hours; though using the Unreal Engine had unfortunate effects. Luckily, saving games to console almost fixed the problem.

      And after all the hardwork and sacrifice, I must admit the ending was quite bad.

    I'm gonna be pre-ordering Star Ocean on the way home from work today. Hopefully it'll be as good as expected. Shame their other attempts at the 360 market were mediocre at best.

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