SOE Pulls The Plug On The Matrix Online

After nearly four years in operation, the machines now greatly outnumber the players and The Matrix Online is no longer necessary.

July 31st is the day the machines finally triumph. Sony Online Entertainment has held on to The Matrix Online for far longer than we ever expected they would, but as producer Dan Myers puts it, all good things must end.

Now we've seen how far the rabbit hole goes and it's time to wake up from that dream (or go back to sleep, depending how you look at it). On July 31, 2009, we will be jacking out for the last time. It's a bittersweet moment for everyone involved with the game; as a player or as a developer.

I remember being extremely excited when The Matrix Online was first announced, looking forward to something completely different for the massively multiplayer RPG genre, and while the game did deliver, perhaps it was just a bit too different for most people's tastes.

Don't expect The Matrix Online to go quietly, however. As is tradition with dying MMO games, Dan hints at big plans for the final days of MxO.

All Good Things Must End [The Matrix Online - Thanks Bob]


    I just got the trial for this game and i have to tell you IT IS ALLSOME, i mean WoW has allways sucked, WoW should be the game to go.I mean SOE keeps EQOA up and that sucks. maybe if lots of people just joined right now the game wont shut down.

    I think its not right to shut down the game, considering it was barelyven advertised in Australia and New Zealand. The combat engine and the way you fight and the PVP adn its overall game play are what makes this game better than every other. All the others are like knights in shining armour and shain mail and elfs and ...THAT kind of fantasy. I dont care what anyone else says I only care that Im right all else are wrong and SOE are wrong to end this game. So What people leave so you dont have people to look after it, hmmm treat them nicer then, pay them more OR you could just let it be and just work on it once a month no updating just let it run and still make a buck off it.
    Strangely you dont hvae anybody to look after it but you recently put Halloween on .... oh oh but the last DEV left like a little while ago....
    The Matrix Online is THE BEST MMO anybody could ever HOPE to play and it is sad that it is going, SOE, give it back to the people the way it was meant to be, at least give us a way to play it locally.

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