Sony Confirms Ghostbusters Exclusivity For Australia

Sony Confirms Ghostbusters Exclusivity For Australia

Bad luck, Wii, Xbox 360 and DS owners. Sony has just confirmed with us that – for now – we’re only getting Ghostbusters on PS3, PS2 and PSP in Australia.

As first revealed earlier this morning, Sony has doffed its moneyhat in Atari’s direction and taken over publishing duties on the title in PAL territories such as Europe and Australia.

Ghostbusters will now launch on PS3 and PS2 on June 19 to coincide with the Blu-ray release of the film’s 25th anniversary edition. A PSP version will be coming later in the year.

Understandably, Sony ain’t in the business of publishing games on rival platforms, so it’s goodbye to the previously announced Xbox 360, Wii and DS versions. But only in Europe and Australia. North America will still be getting the game across all formats.

We’ve contacted Atari to find out when they’ll be able to release Ghostbusters on other formats. We’ll let you know what they say.


  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please be region-free. Please be region-free. I have the PS3 but all my mates are on XBOX and I want to play co-op over Live. Screw you Sony.

  • WHAT???
    Damn, I don’t have the money to buy a PS3 atm.
    And I can’t import a US 360 copy, as it won’t work.

    I was really looking forward to this game.

  • Good business move but still a complete asshole thing to do.

    MS at leasts publishes stuff on the DS. This is just a total stone-wall :/

    Ah well, I’m sure it’ll be alright, but I doubt its going to be a system seller.

    • M$ publish stuff on the DS because they don’t have a competing hand held console. Sony on the other hand have the PSP…

  • I do wish this was the other way around, that way I could still just import it for PS3, and xbox fans could play it too. oh well, nice move for Sony, stepped in where others wouldn’t.

  • What about the PC version? Surley that isn’t being affect by this console BS? I was planning to get it on the 360 originally but now i might have to get it on the PC… Sigh.

  • Not a huge bust as the PS3 version was the lead SKU for the console market (aparently the dev’s loved the SPU’s for physics). Still, I guess not everybody has every platform, I feel sorry for the guys who are missing out. But are we really never going to see the Wii Version? It really looks like they went to the extra effort to give that version its own unique flair.

    Just hope the PC version also still comes around, the tech demo’s I saw are awesome.

  • Well it will probably be exclusive and then be released on the other platforms down the track. This has happened with a few games, like bioshock for example

  • It would not surprise me if Sony soon back pedals. Given how their own console still trails behind others, I don’t think Sony will commit to any decisions that will come back to haunt them.

    Seriously, what is exclusive any more? The 360 had a good line which later jumped ship with new content ‘exclusive’ to the new platform.

    $5 says that next year to goes multi.

    • One slight difference.. those games that jumped ship were all 3rd party devs which gives them freedom to release what where. Unfortunately since Sony bought the rights to the PAL areas. I would doubt they will ever take it out for other consoles.

      Think of the canned english Project Zero game =/ Its a 3rd party dev game but Ninty bought the publishing rights outside Japan. Final say was No.. so no release. (still a stupid decision IMHO)

  • I dont agree to what sony is doing, but you can see why, sony need to keep something under there belt to make money. Looks like you gamers should buy all consoles so this wont happen to you again like I had to.

  • Clearly Sony want to use this to play a bit of console catch-up, but using such a well loved franchise as this is a really sh!tty thing to do (some of us weren’t born in the “mummy-gets-me-everything” generation and so only have one console in the house).

  • Somehow I don’t see Xbox owners rushing out to pick up PlayStations because they suddenly realise how great a company Sony is.

    Having said that, the whole Xbox/GTA DLC story was a similarly arbitrary stain on the gaming industry that was largely overlooked.

    I think might get back into PC gaming.

  • Please guys, email Atari Australia and politely let them know that you disagree with their decision, the more complaints they receive, the more they will lean on Sony.

  • While companies paying for timed exclusives is obviously nothing new, this still seems like a BS thing to do so close to the game’s release. Especially when it ammounts to just screwing over regions, while the game is clearly ready for release on all platforms.

    In the event I decide to get this game, I’ll definately look at importing, regardless of whether it’s currently available locally for my platform of choice. If Sony/Atari want to stuff PAL territories around, they can go stick it.

  • Wow and they wonder why people either import or download – it’s because of crap exactly like this. If you’re going to give PAL territories the finger then expect them to do the same. Pirates will always win, it’s a lesson that needs to be learned.

    Luckily, I have both consoles but the principal irritates me to no end.

  • lol! Sorry guys but I fail to see how this is Sony’s fault… if Microsoft was publishing do you honestly think they’d release on the PlayStation platforms? Or do you think Nintendo would do that? No… Sony are stepping in to publish for THEIR systems, no one elses. I dont see a problem with that… obviously some people are gonna be frustrated but its hardly Sony’s fault.

    • Atari was originally publishing it, but Sony comes in the last month, deciding that all non-Sony platforms will be pushed back.
      It’s not like they were originally the publishers.
      Sony made a deal with Atari to delay the other platforms, it is directly their fault.

  • What’s the problem? Microsoft plays the same game all the time, maybe if they weren’t being such a huge pain Sony wouldn’t be resorting to tactics like this?

    … actually, they probably would 😛

    Regardless, XB360 owners have no right to complain given how Microsoft have acted in this generation and their use of similar tactics. Personally, I’d have no trouble if Sony didn’t bother with this, but only on the provision that MS stopped playing by the same rules.

    Or more simply – pot, meet kettle 🙂

    • xbox360 owners have the right to have an opinion.
      Microsoft are assholes as well, I am not saying MS did anything better.
      I’m simply that they both suck.
      Especially seeing this is only one month from the original release.
      I don’t recall MS delaying a multi-platform game, at the last month even when all versions were ready for release.
      Even if they did, this is the only occasion that has annoyed me, and I am simply expressing my annoyance.

  • One game. There’s ONE game I’m looking forward to. You just HAD to be dicks and stop me from being able to legally get it, didn’t you?

    I don’t have the money to buy a console for one damn game. If you really think this is going to get me to buy your overpriced plastic monolith, you are off your arrogant collective head.

    I couldn’t care less that Microsoft has “done this before.” Guess what, I’m not Microsoft. I just want to play games and enjoy myself. Making something exclusive to a platform I don’t own simply means I don’t get to play it. It also increases my already tremendous dislike for you.

    I’d wish that whoever was involved in this decision would contract a hideously disfiguring skin condition, but they’re probably already a hateful little dead-on-the-inside gnome as it is.


  • It happens to PS3 owners all the time, this is probably the second time i can remember the ps3 version coming first (UT3 was the one i’m remembering). At least the other versions may becoming out this year, not like a year old port that looks worse.
    I don’t agree with it, but Sony releases the Ghostbusters movies and so would own the rights and that’s something different to just MS paying for exclusives.

    • absolutely!
      this sort of cr@p happens to ps3 owners all the time. now that its happened to 360 owners it’s a disaster and the worst thing to ever happen in the history of man.
      L. O. L.
      luckily i own all consoles of this gen. my main console is my ps3. it PWNS. the only reason i even have a 360 is cause its modded and i can make “informed” game purchases for the ps3.
      not that i would want a ghostbusters game anyway 😛

  • considering sony exclusively owns the rights to ghostbusters im suprised this wasnt an exclusive game

  • I have no interest in a ghostbusters game. But Sony are merely doing their job and for that I applaud them. They’re ensuring that the people who paid the money for their system get the best deal. Would a 360 owner expect anything less? For this entire generation Microsoft has been using the same underhanded tactics to make sure their customers get the best. There was no reason why they had to have sole ownership of DLC for GTAIV and Fallout 3 other than to play dirty games with Sony and the customers who paid good money for MULTIPLATFORM GAMES. This is Sony saying “We can play dirty too”.

  • The 360 is region free.
    Just import the game, why bother trying to stimulate the Australian economy when it is unable to provide the products required.

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