Sony Confirms Ghostbusters Exclusivity For Australia

Bad luck, Wii, Xbox 360 and DS owners. Sony has just confirmed with us that - for now - we're only getting Ghostbusters on PS3, PS2 and PSP in Australia.

As first revealed earlier this morning, Sony has doffed its moneyhat in Atari's direction and taken over publishing duties on the title in PAL territories such as Europe and Australia.

Ghostbusters will now launch on PS3 and PS2 on June 19 to coincide with the Blu-ray release of the film's 25th anniversary edition. A PSP version will be coming later in the year.

Understandably, Sony ain't in the business of publishing games on rival platforms, so it's goodbye to the previously announced Xbox 360, Wii and DS versions. But only in Europe and Australia. North America will still be getting the game across all formats.

We've contacted Atari to find out when they'll be able to release Ghostbusters on other formats. We'll let you know what they say.


    It happens to PS3 owners all the time, this is probably the second time i can remember the ps3 version coming first (UT3 was the one i'm remembering). At least the other versions may becoming out this year, not like a year old port that looks worse.
    I don't agree with it, but Sony releases the Ghostbusters movies and so would own the rights and that's something different to just MS paying for exclusives.

      this sort of [email protected] happens to ps3 owners all the time. now that its happened to 360 owners it's a disaster and the worst thing to ever happen in the history of man.
      L. O. L.
      luckily i own all consoles of this gen. my main console is my ps3. it PWNS. the only reason i even have a 360 is cause its modded and i can make "informed" game purchases for the ps3.
      not that i would want a ghostbusters game anyway :P

    silly sony your only chance to milk xbox 360 lol

    considering sony exclusively owns the rights to ghostbusters im suprised this wasnt an exclusive game

    I have no interest in a ghostbusters game. But Sony are merely doing their job and for that I applaud them. They're ensuring that the people who paid the money for their system get the best deal. Would a 360 owner expect anything less? For this entire generation Microsoft has been using the same underhanded tactics to make sure their customers get the best. There was no reason why they had to have sole ownership of DLC for GTAIV and Fallout 3 other than to play dirty games with Sony and the customers who paid good money for MULTIPLATFORM GAMES. This is Sony saying "We can play dirty too".

    BWAHAHAHA. Thats what you get for buying region locked consoles (except the DS, I'm guessing you can just import for that).

    The 360 is region free.
    Just import the game, why bother trying to stimulate the Australian economy when it is unable to provide the products required.

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