Sony Now Publishing Ghostbusters, Non-Sony Releases Delayed

Yesterday, Ghostbusters was being published by Atari, and was due to be released simultaneously on PS3, 360, PS2, Wii and DS. Today, in a strange move, that's no longer the case.

According to MCV, Sony has "negotiated a shock 11th-hour deal", whereby the PS3 and PS2 versions of the game will be released not by Atari, but by Sony Computer Entertainment. Those versions will be released on June 19, the same day that the film's due to out on Blu-Ray.

But what about the other versions? They'll still be published by Atari, but apparently the Sony deal includes a timed exclusivity clause, whereby the 360, Wii and DS versions will be delayed until "later in the year".

Sony to publish Ghostbusters [MCV]


    the war between xbox (the good guys) and sony (the perceived bad guys) is not over!!! Not by a long victory brothers! VICTORY...ohh wait...minor setback

      lol. At you, not with you.

    "Later in the year" probably means around christmas.

    Oh well, looks like I'll be getting it on PS3 then.

    *to Shawn

    Since when were Sony the bad guys? Microsoft seem to be the ones paying for major exclusivities. GTA4 is a prime example.

    But wait guys, remember the really really really (I could say that more) bad game from Atari called Alone in the Dark? that game sucked royal balls, but the PS3 edition got better due to Xbox/PC camp getting the Beta tester flick. Maybe this will be a case of the PS3 edition sucking AND giving Atari time to refine (based on comments and complaints) for the wider Wii and 360 release.

    regardless, BOO Sony, BOO.

      Um.. but unlike AITD, Ghostbusters will be released in the US on the X360, Wii and DS at the same time it's a Sony "exclusive" in Europe, so its doubtful (extremely highly unlikely, never going to happen) that the delayed X360 version in the PAL territories only will be a better version, since all they'll do is rebadge the unsold US versions

    You know what? Screw it. I was going to use my christmas bonus to buy a PS3. But after this, no. I'm not buying any sony crap, ever. again. This was dirty, and it hurt my feelings.

    Gonna go sulk now.

    Because of that move i will buy it for the PC WTF where they thinking delaying the game ....

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