Spore Hero Emerges From The Murky Depths

EA has dropped a new trailer, new screens, and new information on the Spore universe's expansion onto Nintendo systems, Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena.

Rather than allow us to play music on a plastic facsimile of a Spore creature as I had hoped, both Spore Hero for the Nintendo Wii and Spore Hero Arena for the DS focus on the creature stage of Spore, allowing players to create their own creature, collect new parts, and take them on a fantastic adventure that spans many different worlds. On the Wii, Spore Hero is an action adventure title with combat and puzzle elements. On the DS, Spore Hero Arena is also an adventure game with a strong emphasis on gladiatorial combat.

"When Maxis first considered bringing Spore to console players, the Nintendo platforms jumped out as a perfect fit. Whether it is the stylus-driven action of the Nintendo DS or playful controllers of the Wii, the massive Nintendo audience is the ideal home for Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena," said Lucy Bradshaw, VP and General Manager at Maxis. "Nintendo fans will love the humour, ability to create their own Hero, fun game play and immersive storylines we're creating for these two games."

I don't know; it sounds a lot like they are giving Nintendo fans a more simplistic experience, much like they did previously with the MySims line. At least we still get to create critters, which was 75% of Spore's fun anyway.

Both Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena are due out this fall spring.


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