Square Enix Doesn't Consider Final Fantasy XIII A JRPG

Final Fantasy XIII is a Japanese-made game. It is also a role-playing-game. Yet, don't tell FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase that it's a JRPG — he'll set you straight!

"There's a trend these days to strictly categorise games as western RPGs or Japanese RPGs, but Final Fantasy is something that we don't try to categorise as either/or," Kitase told news outlet EDGE. Understandable that the man doesn't want his game pigeonholed; however, it is Final Fantasy — a game for many that epitomises JRPG.

"For us," Kitase added, "the game straddles genre." But what about for us?!

Square: Final Fantasy XIII not J-RPG [CVG via Final Fantasy-XIII.net]


    So will it not feature 12 year old heroes saving the world by walking back and forth in a dungeon for 10 hours levelling up? Somehow I doubt that...

    Mate, I've seen the demo footage and the game definately plays like a JRPG.

    @ Cat Tactics

    Have to agree. I've played the demo and this thing is the very definition of JRPG. It seems cool and like it's doing something new. But a JRPG all the way.

    IMO dont know if i am entirely correct but, in japan the term rpg doesnt really mean role playing game, it just means rpg. I think this is where english speaking countries has literalised the meaning of 'rpg' too much and allowed action-adventure games, shooter-adventure and the like to be labelled in the same genre. eg. Fable, Baldurs Gate, Fallout, Zelda, Bioshiock???. I think he is confused as to what he is arguing against.

    I think the significant part of JRPG is`the J.

    JRPG's have certain features (typically epic story, androgenous teenage heroes (often with amazing hair), turn-based combat, story controlled by the characters not the player (eg in TWEWY you have to solve a simple math puzzle to work out where to go, and you can't just go there you have to run into a couple of places to get the main character to work it out first). There are many others.

    While this may not be a real 'RPG' it certainly looks like it's got the J down-pat. Not that that's necessarilly bad, as mentioned above FF is basically the incarnation of JPG, and it's one of the most recognised game brands in the world...

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