Square Enix Putting The Squeeze On Chrono Trigger Fan Projects?

If you were looking forward to the fan-created Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, look forward no more. The creators of that ROM-hacked project claim that Square Enix has threatened legal action against them.

The five-year-long project, based on the original Chrono Trigger Super Nintendo ROM was due to be released later this month. But according to a cease and desist letter posted by Chrono series site Chrono Compendium, the source of that fan-made game has been "destroyed" in compliance with the publisher's requests. The Chrono fan site writes that it has also removed additional fan projects, hoping to avoid the "expenses and burdens of litigation."

Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes was touted as the "first feature-length fan Chrono series game," boasting some 35 hours worth of new, fan-created story line.

Cease & Desist Letter [Chrono Compendium Forums]


    WHAT!? Couldn't they have stopped them when they started project and now 5 years into it? Jesus.

    Thats just mean.

    Wow, adding SE to Nintendo and Blizzard. My blacklist of publishers, they have all died in my eyes. All they care about is money. They won't see mine anyway anymore.

    man.. anyone remember what happened to chrono resurrection? that was promising man. but SE strikes again.

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