Square Enix Restricts E3 Travel Over Swine Flu

Joining the likes of Koei and Capcom, Square Enix is the latest Japanese developer to restrict employee travel to E3 because of Swine Flu.

"Due to the recent worldwide spread of H1N1 flu, a limited number of executives and development team members from Square Enix's headquarters in Japan will be attending E3 this year," Sonia Im, Public Relations, Assistant Director told Kotaku.

No word on how this will impact any possible announcements from the company at E3. Capcom's decision not to send its Osaka-based staff has killed Dead Rising 2's E3 appearance. Japanese companies SEGA, Tecmo and Sony have stated that H1N1 Influenza 09 has not impacted their decision to attend this year's E3.


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