Steam Statistics Go Global

Valve have just added a new feature to their online PC gaming platform Steam, whereby users can snoop around some global achievement statistics.

Since Steam now supports achievements, you can choose from a list of titles (not every title is supported) and see what percentage of people across the world have earned a particular achievement.

For example, did you know that not a single person in the world has killed 500,000 men in Empire: Total War? Or that only 1.9% of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 players managed to send the gnome into space? You do now. And you can know a lot more by trawling through the list below.

[Steam Community Stats]


    1.9% isn't much at all. Then again it's only the people that have connected to steam with the net lately right? I would think there's a minority that haven't connected to steam via the internet since they first installed it.

    It's also only the people who played HL2:Ep2 after achievements were added. They weren't there when the game was originally released.

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