Still Can't Believe A Need For Speed Game Looks Good

With E3 almost upon us, EA have reminded us of what I like to think is the spiritual successor to the Project Gotham series, Need for Speed: Shift.

Still freaks me out that I'm interested in a Need for Speed game. Then again, it freaks me out even more that EA had the good sense to ditch the "Fast & the Furious" angle the franchise had taken in recent years, and make the whole thing a little classier.

Anyway, this new trailer and screens are here in honour of the announcement that in addition to featuring over 65 real cars, the game will also feature 18 real tracks.


    Problem now is their competition just changed from Burnout to Forza. Good luck.

    Hmmm. Prostreet was an awesome game in concept, but was let down by really dodgy race physics and corporate bribery. I was glad to see the Mitsubishi Lancer taken down numerous pegs from 'teh best car evar' (ProStreet) to 'fairly meh midrange sports car' (Undercover).

    Burnout isn't competition for a realistic racing game. Burnout's only real competition nowadays in the racing stunt market is Trackmania, which last time I checked, still doesn't have collisions.

    Man if even this NFS flops....EA should seriously consider dropping this series...

    I don't really see it how it is a PGR 'successor'. Metropolis Street Racer, my favourite racing game ever, was all about racing everyday cars around everyday streets; PGR upped it to include supercars, but it was still just about cars you could buy down at the local dealership (if you had the cash). Everything you could race in, you could drive to the event and drive home in.

    At the utter end of the spectrum, these are all dedicated racing cars... this looks more like it's going up against GRID, a 'real racing' game watered down to be more fun. The fact you can adjust the cars settings at all mean it has nothing of the PGR spirit...

    You should be more accurate in saying that a NFS game will never look any good on a PS3. Undercover was the most disgustingly shoddy graphics I have ever seen on my PS3 and shows EA only care to try on a 360...

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