Studio Ghibli RPG Looking Good

Last we heard, Studio Ghibli were taking their sweet time providing the art and animation for Level 5's RPG Ninokuni. One look at these new screens will have you understanding why.

The stuff the anime maestros are coming up with for the game is real top-shelf stuff, and unless Level 5 completely drop the ball - which seems unlikely because, well, they're Level 5 - this one should be one of the more pleasant surprises for 2009 (or whenever it's released in the West).

There's plenty more new pieces of artwork and in-game screens over at Famitsu.

『二ノ国』レベルファイブとスタジオジブリの強力タッグが贈るRPG [Famitsu]


    The tiny amount of stuff i've seen for this game looks amazing(well the artwork at least. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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