Sunday Supplement: "Evil already has a visual language

pathologic-screenWelcome to the Sunday Supplement, your weekly wrap of interesting games writing beyond the usual news, previews and reviews. Today we look at sexism, racism and... architecture!

Groping The Elephant: Playing the Sex card CrashT asks whether it's okay to include overtly sexist mechanics and characters in a game.

BLDG BLOG: Evil Lair: On the Architecture of the Enemy in Videogame Worlds Jim Rossignol tackles the way designers use architecture to convey just how evil our in-game enemies really are.

Narrative Flood: To Be Continued… Richard Cobbett criticises games that don't provide satisfying narrative closure.

Racialicious: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: the Racialization of Labor in World of Warcraft Racism is alive and well in attitudes towards gold farmers in the WOW community. Eurogamer: Retrospective: Pathologic Lewis Denby dissects a quite extraordinary Russian developed adventure.


    If you're looking for more great writing about Pathologic, Quintin Smith writing for Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote an impressively thorough and passionate three-part series on the game back in April of last year. Here's a link:

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