Sunday Supplement: "Tough choices about booming and rushing"

Today's wrap of the best video game writing is an eclectic affair. We tread the Path; peel back the Façade; explore a ghost story; realise we're all Doomed; and act like a turtle. Enjoy.

Fullbright: Single-A Games 2K Marin designer Steve Gaynor ruminates on the midpoint between the triple-A blockbuster game and the lo-fi indie darling.

GameSetWatch: 'Homer In Silicon': Sub-Façade The always-excellent Emily Short examines the many ways in which a game's conversation system can be managed.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Touched By The Hand Of Mod: Dear Esther Brilliant piece on a very creepy Half-Life 2 mod I'd never heard of, but now very much want to play.

Gamasutra: Doomed to Invent Our Mistakes Designer Adam Saltsman on the lessons to be learned from replaying DOOM.

CrispyGamer: Turtle, Turtle, Turtle: RTSes for Basebodies Tom Chick lays down the golden rules for tower defence games.


    Thanks for these.
    After reading the review of the Dear Esther Mod, I downloaded and played it. It certainly was interesting. The voice acting was terrific, but the atmosphere didn't suck me in as much as I hoped it would. Still a worthwhile experience.

    Once I was finished, I spent ages revisiting the world of mods (something I hadn't done since shortly after the HL2 SDK was released).
    There are some really great ideas out there.. but I have to say: Please let's give zombies a rest for a while.

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