Sunday Supplement: "Videogames should be more violent, not less"

Welcome to the Sunday Supplement, a collection of five smart pieces of video game writing from the last week or so. Enjoy!

GameSetWatch: Forget 'Games As Art' -- Try A New Approach Christian Nutt tackles the "games as art" debate and settles on some quite refreshing conclusions.

PopMatters: Like Movies - with Buttons And on a similar tip, LB Jeffries tackles the "games as movies" debate, dispelling many commonly held notions.

Crispy Gamer: Character: The Next Great Gaming Frontier? Chris Buecheler at the increasingly excellent Crispy Gamer wonders why characterisation trails well behind the technology curve.

Offworld: Ragdoll Metaphysics: JG Ballard, Boredom, And The Violent Promise Of Videogames Sunday Supplement favourite Jim Rossignol finds much that is relevant to games in the writing of the late JG Ballard.

The House Next Door: The Alligators Have Good Graphics: Beginning Game Criticism, Vol. 1 Film critic Logan Crowell delivers an exceptionally insightful outsider's perspective on how game criticism needs to find its own path.


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