Sydney Pinball Expo Auction Results Are In

image101Guess which pinball machine fetched the highest bid at last weekend's Sydney Pinball Expo? Was it Star Wars? Playboy? Jurassic Park?

The Sydney Pinball Expo not only let you play all day on dozens upon dozens of tables for just the price of admission, it also ran an auction.

Pretty much all the tables on show went under the hammer - or is that flipper? - with the winning bids ranging from $675 for something called Triple Action all the way up to nearly five grand for the Rolling Stoned Stones table.

Other highly sought after machines included the Addams Family, Playboy and Twilight Zone tables.

Check out the full listing over at Just One More Game.

Sydney Pinball Expo – FULL auction results list [Just One More Game]



    Thanks for the link.

    PS: My link contained a small error (Included in the original results).

    It's "Rolling Stones"... with an "s" at the end, not a "d".
    (And yet, being a 70's pinball, the "d" kinda made sense...)

      There goes all my pinball cred, right there.

        Hmmm, you don't hit both flippers *at the same time* do you David?

        (That's the pinball equivalent of using AOL.)

        You never had any pinball cred to begin with.

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