Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves
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We’ve launched an experimental new feature here, a post where readers can discuss anything about video games. We don’t have forums; this is the next best thing.

You can talk about games. Or movies. Or politics. Music. Food. Science. Sport. Celebrity crushes. Personal hygiene. Just keep it clean.

Talk amongst yourselves below…

Oh, and let me know if you want to do this every day or just once a week.


    • Breville, specifically the Breville Moda though it’s a couple of years old now. Fast and quiet boil, cordfree, 360 degrees of spin on the base, and a lush lid-opening mechanism so hot water doesn’t fling off and in to your face.

  • The next best things to forums, is lag-moderated chat!! 😉

    Hey just curious, do you guys run Kotaku as a full time endeavour, or have you got ‘normal’ jobs on the side?

  • Every morning I open up gmail, gmail calender, facebook, the age, kotaku, and whirlpool. I then search for prices on things I’m interested in on ebay, staticice, and google. If I don’t know something I usually start with wikipedia.

    What do you use the net for? What sites do you open each morning?

  • Dudes…I need a new internet security suite thingy. What are you top picks for paid versions? What are your top picks for freeware?

    • I use Bitdefender, it does the trick for me. AVG is free, and not bad either.

      Don’t be a sucker and fall for crap like Norton. It’s expensive and bloated, and not secure anyway (a friends parents got their credit card number stolen a couple of years ago because of an exploited hole in Norton, along with tens of thousands of other people- the FBI eventually tracked the guy who came up with it in Florida, apparently).

      • Interestingly I was using Bitdefender for the last year. It’s been great as far as a all-in-one suite goes. However, they’ve bumped the renewal price up by over $20, so I thought I might look elsewhere or just go back to freeware.

        Cheers for the tips though.

    • Avast! is the best freeware anti-virus you can get at the moment (that I know of, anyway). AVG used to be okay until version 8, but when it came out they added a whole bunch of useless crap with it that is more hassle than it’s worth, so Avast it is…

  • I do gmail, smh, ocau, kotaku, cracked and bloomberg every morning.

    Might check out some other stuff during the day but not often.

  • I just bought Dead Space new for $50 @ EB’s sale.

    I only buy around 10 games a year. I would buy a FREAK TON more games at $50.

  • Why don’t you guys just add forums to the site? It’s not hard and doesn’t take long to set up. Most can be integrated pretty easily into the site’s design and many good forum software packages out there are free.

    • Seconded. What Michael said.

      A Kotaku forum will blow up into a gigantic community within the matter of minutes. Kotaku puts such a huge effort into trying to get users to participate on their site already, why not forum? Its worth a lot of clicks for an easy to moderate effort. Someone please spearhead this..

    • Opening up a forum means you’ll need somebody to actually hire somebody to be the forum admin, and it’s a horrible job. I mean, wading through all the crap that us Kotaku-viewers post? 🙂

  • Anyone got any hot tips on game art jobs in this country? If it takes much longer, I’m going to have to start taking drastic measures like selling vital organs or taking commissions from furries.

    • Take commission work if you have to. Keep practicing your art, no matter what. The big thing that got me into my job – teaming up with Indy developers – this effectively puts you into the industry (albeit without being paid) and lets you hone your craft AND your demo reel.

  • I tried to download the infamous demo tonight. Oh look, I need system update 276, fine, I’ll get it… oh look, error 8002F14E, now my PS3 is stuck in an infinite loop of updating, so now it’s even more of a paperweight than it was before! AWESOME!

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