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insult-swordfightingWe're launching an experimental new feature here, a post where readers can discuss anything about video games. We don't have forums; this is the next best thing.

Our friends over at Kotaku US have just started doing this and the response has been great. So I figured I'd kick it off here too.

You can talk about games. Or movies. Or politics. Music. Food. Science. Sport. Celebrity crushes. Personal hygiene. Just keep it clean.

Talk amongst yourselves below...

(Note: I'll be up in Brisbane all day, so the lovely Kym will be your comments moderator today. She does have other things to do though, so don't fret if your comments don't appear immediately.)


    Hi Kym!

    So, does Fallout 3 DLC mean that PS3 owners will be able to play past endgame?

    Also - has anyone been able to find 'The Patch' LBP level that the US blog has been spruiking about?
    Some random 'Sarah' is getting the hits from the video (her level isn't the level that's featured in the video).

    I'll throw this out there - everyone, what's your 1 favorite game from each console generation?
    As far as I can remember;

    2nd - River Raid
    3rd - Enduro Racer
    4th - Front Mission
    5th - Perfect Dark
    6th - Red Dead Revolver
    7th (current) - So far I'd have to say GTAIV, although I don't expect that to last 09

      1st: zomg not alive yet...
      2nd: that tank game
      3rd: Zillion (Master System)
      4th: Starfox
      5th: Need for Speed - 3DO
      6th: GT series
      7th: GT5p ---> GT5?

        3rd: Battletoads!
        4th: SMB 3
        5th: Lylatwars (aka starfox64)
        6th: Tales of Symphonia
        7th: DMC4

    How appropriate, you fight like a cow!

    Speaking of Brisbane...I hear that Creative Assembly (makers of the horrid Stormrise) are closing down if they don't get a new contract in the next few weeks. That doesn't leave Brisbane with many game studios left :(

      Yeah, I'd heard similar rumblings. Here's hoping they can pull through - they'd be a serious loss for this country.
      Australia is running out of triple A developers. Lose a few more and it'll by ponies and Nickelodeon licensed games all the way.

    Stay away from fair-fax castle, it will destroy your family.

    So who is seriously excited about fat princess? lol

      It looks like some mad fun.

    Ok, I have a a beef which needs eating and an axe upon which a sharpening process needs to be undertaken with a grind stone. I'm looking at you wii-fit, and especially you Tony Hawk. I love gaming, always have, always will. I particularly liked the sitting on ones posterior and clicking or button smashing away. Which was indeed lucky as an accident left me confined to a wheelchair.
    And Mr Hawk is like, 'Yo dawg, I heard you liked skateboarding games, so I put a skateboard in your skateboarding game so you can skateboard while you skateboard'. Well eff few Mr Hawk, and to a much lesser extent Wii-fit (as its lame, as us more elderly gamers gamed because it wasn't sport).

    Anyhoo, great idea Kotaku!

      Do not get me started on the RIDE skate deck peripheral.
      What a joke.
      I smell desperation undulating out of the Hawk franchise in undulating waves.
      Should've called it "Tony Hawk - BAIL"

        While generally I'm not a fan of expensive peripherals for a single game, I do like the idea of steering using a board like this. However I think the implementation of tricks in this is terrible.
        Now I haven't played a skating game since THPS4, but I remember tricks ended up being rapid with a number of kick flips and the like thrown in as fast as possible. But I can't imagine trying to pull such a thing off on this board. You'd end up with a bad back and bloody tired legs after just a few minutes of play with all the bending/crouching required to pull off tricks.
        To me this screams 'gimmick', and one made to ride the current wave of expensive peripherals brought about by the Wii-fit and Rockband/Guitar Hero franchises.
        It will be fun and novel for 10 minutes, and then you realise that the game is a lot easier and enjoyable when you use a normal controller.
        But then this is all speculation really isn't it...

        Urgh, it gets worse, just read the other article about it on kotaku, seems its the ONLY option to play the game as well what a downer.
        I noted there was someone else in there (forgot who now, soz) with a disability complaing about it too, I know just how they feel.
        Ok, I mean fine, make a damn peripheral to control it for ppl to kick flip it into their tv's/china cabinet/little sister who's itching to play singstar... But, I mean, is controller support too hard for programmers these days??? *lusts for the days of monkey island*
        Seems the hawk franchise just got ridiculous, then SKATE came out which was just sweet, felt imersive to control, to date its the only 'sports' game I've loved the entire way through.

        I dont want to seem insensitive, but should soccerball producers stop producing soccerballs because disabled people cant kick them? Tony Hawk has no moral/social obligation to make games that everyone can play. Im sure people without thumbs (thats a disbility) have not complained this loudly that 99% of all games require thumbs... go on hate me but you know its true

    I can't stand her, but I seem to always be transfixed when a Katy Perry music video comes on TV. Hmmmm.....

    ooh yeeh ! first post ?... hopefully

    i like cake, anyone else ?


    Up in Brisbane. Lucky you. Its raining cats and dogs here, so much so that I'm flooded in and cant go to work!
    Sunny one day. Torrential rain the next.

    Should we have R18+ here for games in Australia? I say yes. There are too many games already that come into Australia that should not be available to 15 year olds and too many others that are blocked from sale here because they cannot be rated. As it is the rating system is applied very inconsistently (see fallout 3’s rating refusal for “real” drugs use Vs Violet assassin’s use of morphine to give bullet time)

    Really an 18+ rating is a win-win for gamers and politicians, we get the games we can’t have now and they have a rating they can slap on games like GTA, etc that keeps them out of teenager’s hands. If the want 18+ games off the normal shelves then I say go ahead with that too, every EB, JB and Gametraders has a glass case they keep their CCG and console accessories in, it wouldn’t be hard to display all R games in there too.

    How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

    ...Empty...well I guess I'll start. I found little Star Wars plushies hanging up at Coles the other day, I got Han.

      i like Han because Han shoots 1st...
      they chewie plushie is weird looking... ummm

        Were those 5 for $10?

        Who thinks up the idea to put tiny plushie star wars characters in a supermarket?

      Heh. I managed to resist them, then got home to find my sister in law bought five of them for my two year old son as part of his birthday present.

      Now I have to go buy the other six. Fucking OCD.

    haha this should be interesting give the way the comments 'batch' update.

    :( Wasn't even close to first. Who else here beat The Swordmaster?

      If you've not played through Monkey Island you have no right calling yourself a gamer.

    I've got a comment about the commenting system. When is the AU site going to have the ability to either, read all the US comments in a way that makes sense (at the moment I'm not exactly sure how they are ordered, cause it's definitely not chronological).

    Secondly, any chance of having 'registered' members, who have made several acceptable posts, being removed from moderation (I know wordpress allows this as an option) or maybe letting people who use FB Connect not have to be moderated also. Or something. Definately stifles conversation a touch when comments take 50 minutes to appear.

      Seconded on both counts. I find the US comments button effectively useless on Kotaku AU.

        We're working on the issue with US comments.

        Removing the approval process for AU comments is something we're considering, but of course all comments will still be moderated.

    How apropriate, you fight like a cow!

    David, could you and Kim please discuss what your role at Kotaku is? You both seem to do only business/advertising-oriented posts.


      Sure, Kym posts the advertisements, but me?

        He means if you're going to pack the au articles out with viral advertising at least match with gaming news on a 2:1 basis.

        I shouldn't have to use a proxie to view the us kotaku either!

          Viral advertising? 2:1 ratio? What are you talking about?

          OK, the recent Heineken posts sure, but it was clearly meant to be light-hearted. I seriously have no idea what else you could be thinking of.

    Here lies Aleph's one and only edited comment.

    Occupandam eam quod tuum est.

    Last edited 27/11/12 12:27 am

      Fairly sure you've edited more than that.


        I AM THE BLURST.
        But really, this was my one and only edited comment back when I posted it.

        Also, I feel dirty posting here. It feels like I'm treading on hallowed ground...

    "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."

    @strange, @shane, @greenius, @blaghman

      Haven't read that book, so I'm unsure what you're trying to say :P

      Edit: never mind, I just realised this wasn't the current TAY.
      Wow. That took a while :P

      Last edited 04/07/13 10:10 pm

        Man, last time we take you on a time travelling expedition. :P

          If I ever get legitimately hauled back in time, I'm pretty confident that I would be similarly disoriented.


      I made D.C.'s list!

      (that's a good thing, right?)

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