Target Brings Delicious Snacks To E3

Retailer Target continues to punctuate their dedication to the video game market by delivering delicious snacks to the attendees of E3 2009 via the Target Bullseye Lounge.

Over the past year, Target has instituted a new pre-order program and negotiated several exclusive video game premiums, including an entire mountain in Ubisoft's Shaun White Snowboarding. Now they take things to the next level with the Bullseye Lounge, a place where E3 attendees can relax and eat free food. Oh, and they'll be showing off some games in there as well, but that's beside the point.

"Time and time again, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has proved to be the epicenter of the video game world," said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Target. "Events like E3 allow us to collaborate with our publishing partners to highlight key titles as well as get a look at the best video game products for the future."

Yes, yes, game products. Target will be providing food from their Archer Farms line of premium comestibles. If they throw in a little Choxie and have a good wireless signal you'll know where to find me between June 2nd and June 4th this year.


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