Team Fortress 2 Sniper Actually Getting Urine Grenades?

Team Fortress 2 Sniper Actually Getting Urine Grenades?

Bad news, Team Fortress 2 Spy: your Summer is about to get wet and wild, as Valve is teasing the Sniper’s final unlockable. And this time it’s no joke. Jarate may be a reality.

First teased on April Fool’s Day, the Jarate unlockable jar of liquid human waste was reported to “wreak havoc on your opponent’s mental state, psychological well-being and trust in the inherent goodness of his fellow man.” Said to inspire self-loathing and nightmarish flashbacks to encounters with the Sniper, its in-game effects are still a mystery.

Unfortunately, all but two employees at Valve appear to have been sacked. We’ll wait for the automatic publishing of today’s update to occur before whining about what a hot mess this update will be.


  • The urine causes the target to recieve 35% extra damage due to them losing all will to live. The pee also shorts out cloaked Spies, and can be washed off in water.

    I know what some of you are thinking, and yes, you can use your pee to put out people on fire. Looks like it might even be an achievement.

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