Team Fortress 2 Update Adds Back Achievement Based Unlocks

Valve has issued one more update for Team Fortress 2 today, apparently another attempt to bring balance to the method that allows for unlockable weapons and items. Achievement based unlockable items are back.

But according to the newest update, those milestone achievements are an "additional way" for Team Fortress 2 players to get newly added unlockable items like the Cloak and Dagger or Huntsman. Seems the randomised drops ushered in with the Spy/Sniper update are still in.

Valve issued an update to the way that those randomised drops were handled earlier this week, but it looks like it's giving players more options. All those pros and cons for each version may add up to an acceptable solution. We'll see.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released [Steam]


    Win! Logged in, got a single kill, and unlocked everything.

    Now everything I find will be dupes though >_>

    Between this and the tweaked loadout system giving everyone new weapons over dupes, everybody will have everything but hats within the next week or so.

    Is it just me, or is it only Sniper and Spy gear that is received randomly? So far the only time I've unlocked gear for the other classes is when I hit milestone achievements, meanwhile I have three Razorbacks and four Dead Ringers.

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