Team Fortress 2's Sniper Ups His Arsenal With "The Huntsman"

Valve's slow roll out of the newest Team Fortress 2 class update, this time for the lovable, headshotting Sniper, has begun. Revealed today is the Sniper's newest unlockable weapon, the Huntsman.

The Sniper's new bow and arrow may not pack the firepower of his long range rifle, but what it will do it slow down enemies by sticking them to nearby walls. At the very least, it will add a bit of painful flair, as those arrows will stick around for a while. Shots to the head will do critical damage, according to the update, but hanging some unlucky chump to a wall also looks to make the Sniper's victims a target for further abuse.

Valve promises the reveal of new Achievements, new maps and additional unlockable weapons in the coming days, with the Sniper update arriving after all the good news is distributed.

Sniper Update [Team Fortress]


    Gniper, although some new Maps and Acheivements should be good. Vaulve keeps giving us this stuff for free! GOLD. I wonder if you need to use MS points on 360 for this stuff?

      You can't get anything in the 360. They say they will release everything once everything on the PC is done.

    Awesome! I want to get Team Fortress 2 so badly so I can get achivements and new weapons. Too bad I missed the free Team Fortress 2 game weekend. I have a windows ME computer.

    I have this bow...

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