Tecmo Bowl Wii Transformed Into Something Else

Wii trends have turned a planned Tecmo Bowl Wii into a family football game, according to G4.

Tecmo recently announced the development of Family Fun Football for the Wii, a title that sounds perfectly in line with the jolly kinds of games many publishers produce for NIntendo's console.

But wasn't there supposed to be a Tecmo Bowl being made for the Wii? A DS iteration was released last year, after all.

The Wii projects are one and the same project, it turns out. Family Friendly is what has become of the remake of Tecmo Bowl, a company spokesperson told G4:

"As much as we'd like to say this [Family Fun Football]is a completely different game, it did start out as the 'Tecmo Bowl Wii' project... However, given the recent trend on the Wii and its target audience, Tecmo made a business decision to switch the project into a family oriented football game."

Family Friendly Football is slated for a fall 2009 release.

G4 also reports that a Tecmo Bowl is coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Tecmo Bowl Wii' On Hold, But 'Tecmo Bowl' Hitting Xbox Live Arcade In Early 2010 - G4


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