Tell Us Dammit

Tell Us Dammit

Think of this as the opposite of the Ask Me Stuff post. Here’s how it works: We ask a question, you answer it. Simple and no strings attached!

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Question: With E3 kicking off next week, what are your hopes and fears for the show?

Me? Since I’ll be in Los Angeles covering the event, my hope is I’ll be able to find a decent coffee somewhere in downtown LA. My fear is I’ll be forced to drink Starbucks at the Convention Centre.


  • i just wanna see some gameplay and good things in general from the new arivals from my favourite 360 games franchises. assassins creed, mass effect, halo 3, call of duty! screw the hardware! show me games!

    • Ugh. Sadly the only coffee vendor at the LA convention centre is Starbucks and it’s quite a hike back into downtown to try to find something better.

  • HOPE
    – More Project TRICO… the ‘leaked/released’ vid was nothing short of awesome…
    – e3 returns to it’s true sideshow roots…

    – Kojima is just screwing with our minds…
    – Activsion announce they have the rights to the “Phantom” and will be mass producting another plastic device for the living room!

  • That the information of some potentially great games won’t get lost in the swarm of information.

    A great example is an NFL game called Backbreaker. I’ve never played an NFL game before, but it seems a great new direction for sporting games using the Eurphoria engine so there is no more pre-rendering of animations.

  • My hopes are that Sony announces some kick ass new games that will completely destroy Microsoft, that Microsoft will get so complacent with their X360 that they announce a bunch of casual gamer peripherals (and then die a slow death) and that Nintendo announces that they will no longer make games for the Wii and will rely solely on WiiFit and WiiSports for their income for the next 57 years.

    In other words, I want to be surprised

  • I’d like to see some solid release dates from Square Enix, and also a release date for Alan Wake. My fears are not seeing anything new and exciting. The last thing I want to see are announcements for the typical big fps titles, that follow the same cookie cut gameplay with updated graphics.

  • With E3 kicking off next week, what are your hopes and fears for the show?

    Hopes: Something massive for Xbox that isnt halo or gears. A new psp that is actually fun to use with some decent original titles. More mature titles for Wii and more inovation from the motion controls then shake and stab mini games.

    I also hope that this Kojima count down leads to something big, like a remake of MGS on PS1 or a whole new title thats multi platform.

    An annoucement from Sony claiming a HD remake of final fantasy 7 is now a reality and is the sole reason that Squeenix are taking extra time on 13.

    Fears: Outlandish “promise the world” claims of crushing the competition that never come true or they do a small run in the states but never here in Oz. I dont want to hear about a Microsoft hand held unless they’ve captured a controlling share in the iphone somehow and they’ll be using that for their xbox portable platform…

    I have a conference just after E3 so fingers crossed that all the awesome stuff they announce I’ll get to play and see!!!

    • Not to turn this into a FF7 thread, but my biggest fear regarding that game would be if they gave it the new style world environment, instead of the classic world map style.

      Anyway, continue.

      • A think an updated style of world map is a given.. I want a FFIV remake that utilizes the advancements of technology and design we have.
        A lot of work needs to be done to that game to make it current gen worthy; they wont be able to please everyone but I trust Square would do a remake justice.

  • my hopes are for GOW3 this year and a new metal gear game.
    my fears are cancellations of any big ps3 games.

  • HOPE:
    – Project Trico isn’t just more ICO. Yeah it was great, but something different plzkthx.
    – Something more to Gran Turismo that we haven’t already seen.
    – Xbox Wii-Camera-Gizmo actually being something useful and not just another come-and-go peripheral.
    – I’m stuck at work late and can’t keep up
    – More Wii minigame-only titles
    – Apple siding with one of the big 3 (it’s gonna happen eventually…)

  • HAHA Goose you always end up at that darn starbucks, you have for years! Like… the 7 or so i’ve known you…
    BUT try the asian/drinks/food/pastry place on the other side of the road closer to the convention centre.. i swear we went there last year! The only place i’ve ever found fruit in LA.

    My hope for E3 is that i never have to go again! And that you all come back SHATTERED!!! With good stories and photos.

    Luck boy

  • Well, the Kojima announcement not being Zone of the Enders related was what I didn’t want, but anything MGS is still a positive and since they’ll probably release more info on it at e3, I guess I can be thankful for that.

    Other then that, I’m really only looking forward to some Fat Princess,Heavy Rain and Pokemon Hgold/Ssilver info. I’m trying to keep my wish list to a minimum after being punched in the groin with smiles last year.

  • Additional Characters for Street Fighter IV OR, perhaps more cynically, DLC for Street Fighter IV which is not on the disc already!

  • Generally, coffee in America stinks like 3 day old roadkill……They do not understand it. However, an Italian-run shop like ‘Cafe Sicily'(5001 Wilshire Blvd)is worth going to.

    Re. E3:

    My combined hope/fear – Alan Wake(the f**k up!)

  • There are many things I want to see but the one thing I desperately want info on is Alan Bloody Wake.

  • Surely you’ll be too drunk/hungover to care about the coffee? 😛

    Hopes: They’ll bring back booth babes and trash up the event a bit, because WHY NOT?

    Fears: That my favourite videogame-playing people will catch swine flu and DIE. I don’t think I can bear losing that many friends in one go. Who will come to my birthday party?

  • Hopes – Shenmue III announced. can dream :p. Like to see Alan Wake, Halo ODST, APB, abd a new epic FPS from MS.

    Fears. Another get your hopes up announcement that will probably never come out in AUS. Video market place, Community games and now prime time ( David do you know if we are getting 1v’s 100 in Aus?)

    • We’re getting 1 vs. 100 but I don’t know when it’ll be launching. Don’t think it’s even got a date for the US yet.

  • Hope:
    TRICO footage shown
    New PSP
    Pimin 3

    My cap doesn’t reset on the 31st, and I’m stuck with dial-up speed internet for E3

  • Hopes:
    -Info from Bioware on Old Republic MMO
    We know Mass Effect and Dragon Age are awesome, but I want Bioware to prove they can to justice to KOTOR
    -Nintendo reveals the stuff its been working on all this time
    -Golden sun ds…..
    -Microsoft announces any kind of motion control
    Especially if they waste heaps of time pumping it as the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming.
    -Nintendo’s main announcement is Kid Icarus
    I knnow plenty of people have been crying out for this, but am I the only one who has no interest at all in this franchise? Sure the old game was good but a new one will be completely irrelevent in this generation.
    -Half Life 2 Ep 3 a no show
    Yes i want this game so much that i fear it not being shown

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