The Bigs 2 Is Chock Full Of Mini-Games

2K Sports upcoming sequel to their over-the-top baseball game The Bigs includes almost more mini-games than you can shake a stick at.

Of course the sport of baseball is one of the most stick-shaking intensive pastime in the world, so the mini-games still feature liberal amounts of batting, along with what looks like climbing and a bit of rope sliding. It certainly looks interesting, though I am not sure if it's interesting enough to keep me occupied. As my recent impulse purchase of MLB 09 for the PlayStation 3 proved, it takes a lot to keep me interested in a sports title, no matter how good it is. What I need is a game that combines baseball with first-person shooter and role-playing game elements. A turn-based battle against a dragon on the way to third base would keep me glued to the screen for hours.


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