The "i"s Have It In Slowing Japanese Hardware Race

This week's Japanese hardware contest wasn't a proud one, with total hardware unit sales just barely cracking the 100,000 mark. Not good. But it was a winning week for the Nintendo DSi and Wii.

Those two consoles won out against their PlayStation competition, holding on to first and third spots in the Media Create weekly hardware sales chart. Sales of the PSP and PlayStation 3 have cooled in Japan over the past few weeks, as the software lineups for each platform start to wind down from a big blockbuster Spring.

One platform that could use another hit is the Xbox 360, which languishes in last place again this week with some of the lowest sales the platform has seen in months.

Nintendo DSi - 34,152 PSP - 28,683 Wii - 15,116 PlayStation 3 - 11,605 Nintendo DS Lite - 4,888 PlayStation 2 - 4,020 Xbox 360 - 3,233


    Man the Japanese sure don't like Xbox 360. Even the PLaystation 2 beat it.

      in before trolling of xbox...

        Ah there is always some sensitive fanboy here to defend the X360 to the death... face reality, Japan doesnt love it as much as you do

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