The King Of Fighters XII ESRB Rating All But Rules Out Mai Shiranui

Fighting fans hoping to see Fatal Fury femme fatale Mai Shiranui added to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports of The King of Fighters XII are likely going to be disappointed.

The ESRB has weighed in on the console versions of SNK Playmore's newest 2D fighter, giving it a T-rating. That's par for the course for The King of Fighters. But what potentially rules out appearances from jiggly, cleavage-baring contenders like Mai and B. Jenet is the lack of "suggestive themes," the kind of themes that could potentially offend those flustered by the exposure of too much flesh.

The game description offered by the ESRB makes it more clear.

According to the ratings board, The King of Fighters XII is described like so: "This is a 2D arcade-style fighting game in which players compete in one-on-one combat with a large international cast of selectable characters. Players engage in hand-to-hand battles by mostly kicking, punching, and blocking their way to victory until the opposing player's life meter runs out. Players can also trigger special moves to cause larger amounts of damage to their opponents."

Sorry, kids. No "female fighters [that]wear clothing that exposes their posterior and cleavage" and no "bouncing breasts... depicted during battles" as seen in previous, racier entries.

Despite speculation that would indicate otherwise, you'll have to settle for the more buttoned-up Mature and Elisabeth Blanctorche, the two newly announced additions to KOF XII's lineup.

Looks like this is your final roster for now. Perhaps when The King of Fighters XII Ultimate Match is announced, you'll get the K' and Mai you were expecting.

The King of Fighters XII [ESRB]


    Aww.. but Mai's Jubblies is what KoF is all about :(
    Next Tecmo will release a DoA with only men :(

    Mai or no Mai. I am still going to get it! :)

    Goddammit I was good with Mai...oh well spose its back to Terry Tactics!

    Yeah, you're punking us. Nice try but it won't work with me.

    Look, for some reason or other (never was a K' fan myself) SNK loves off K' and he's quite popular. He's even featured on their 15th anniversary logo for chrissake. I think they'll find a way to put him in there.

    And as for Mai and a Teen rating? You act as though she fights topless or something. I think it'll take a little more than some jiggling boobage to warrant an M rating. Case in point: Taki and Ivy of Soul Calibur are each twice as bad as Mai (They even show nipple), yet the SC series is constantly rated T. And what about Maximum Impact 2 and its ridiculous boobage?

    Come on now. I'm not much a Mai fan either (all breasts, no substance), but again, fans love her, and I really can't see her being not in the game.

    First, please don't attack the ESRB. The rating they give games doesn't mean that THEY were the ones who killed poor Mai. The ESRB just gives a rating based on what is presented to them at the time. This means that it was actually SNK who betrayed the fans.

    Here's my take on this game. I know this topic is old as crap, but I feel like it must be said.

    It's understandable how fans of Mai can be turned away from this game. She's a symbol of KoF, IMO, and if they don't want to buy the game because she isn't in it then no one should flame them for that. (I would not have bought SF4 if Cammy wasn't going to be in it.) The loyalty to a certain character is part of being a fan.

    Now I have this game. I'm not going to lie and say I've been a KoF fan all my life, but I'm a fan fighter games of all kinds. Compared to previous chapters in KoF's history, this game is seriously lacking. Even the GBA release had a better roster and moveset. Sure the visuals are great, but at what cost? Iori is basically a human back-scratcher for sanity's sake.

    As for missing characters, I'm upset about Mai, King, and Yuri missing. Not that they were over-all great for me, but they are KoF icons, IMO. And since this is, supposedly, a dream match, where is Geese? Now whether any of these are secretly hidden or are going to be DLC is all speculation. But I am hoping they are somewhere hidden on my game.

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