The King Of Fighters XII Home Version Gets Two New Fighters

Two more characters for the console version of The King of Fighters XII have been announced: Elizabeth and Mature. They will be joining the other 20 fighters in KOFXII.

As arcade site Arcade Renaissance points out, many had assumed that Mai and 'K were going to pop up on the console version — the two are still MIA. There's still time to sneak them on! Just think of all the figurines will miss out on should Mai Shiranui not make the home console version.

Elizabeth and Mature - King of Fighters XII Console characters [Arcade Renaissance]


    who da fukcing fuck are those 2 hoes? NOBODY cares about them. If Mai and K' are not in the game, SNK better pray the game is fukcing amazing if they want it to succed.

      Mature > Mai or K'

      Are you F*ing kidding me? who are those two hoes you ask?!?!?!?!? well you obviously aren't a true KOF fan because Elisabeth was only one of the main characters in XI, and Mature has like a cult following starting back from 94'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I LOVE that they're putting Mature in, she is one of of my favorite KOF fighters... is hoping that they put Vice in as well too much to ask? lol, ooh what about Shion!

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