The King Of Fighters XII Vs. Old Kings Of Fighters


    The sprites in KOF XII are designed for a screen size of 640x480, so they are more or less the same dimension and resolution as the sprites in Guilty Gear, that is, the double of the traditional sprites in Neogeo Hardware (320x224). Then they reescaled them doubling the pixels to adapt th graphics to high resolution modes. That's why they look blocky, because every pixel you see there is actually 4 pixels, and that's the reason for the need for a bilinear filter. Try reescaling a snapshot from the game without the filter using photoshop to 50% (but not using the bicubic method), and you will see the sprites in their real resolution. I've done this for you. Take a look. What I don't know is about the backgrounds. Are they reescaled too? What's the reaons for this? Couldn't they design the sprites in real resolution? It's really absurd and the results will always be bad, because modern TVs will show them blocky or blured, and the contrast with the rest of the graphics on screen (life bars for instance) will unveil the low resolution. With the Neogeo at least everything was low res, and it looked fantastic, because those graphics were made for low resolution monitors, which are very different from modern PC monitors or LCD TVs.

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