The King Of Fighters XII Website Is Go

SNK Playmore and Ignition Entertainment have crafted one hell of an official website for The King of Fighters XII, complete with a comprehensive timeline of the series and a fan art contest worth $US1,000.

The King of Fighters series has always had its own distinct style, and the official website for the latest entry in the series is simply oozing said style from every pixel. Each section could be a page from an art book. They've got biographies of each combatant, the aforementioned history of the series, news, trailers, screens and of course, the fan art contest.

The contest runs through July 31st, with the winning fan art entries eligible to win limited-edition KOF figurines, copies of the game, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, or the grand prize of $US1,000 in cash. Simply head over to the website and click on the Fan Art link to get started. Oh, and they prohibit nudity, so you should probably keep all of those Mai pics to yourself for now.


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