The Nintendo DS Has Sold Really Fast In Australia

lifestyle_nintendo_ds_art09How fast? Like, sooo fast!

Nintendo is trumpeting the DS as the fastest-selling "console" in Australian history. The handheld has just passed the two million unit milestone, becoming only the second console after the PlayStation 2 to hit that mark.

What makes it the fastest is that it sold two million in 221 weeks since launch. The PS2 took longer. How much longer? We don't know. We asked Sony to confirm how long it took the PS2 and also how many units their console's sold since launch, but they have yet to respond.

So, there you go, the DS is pretty damn fast.


    Yet the same 4 games keep being sold for it. I'd be more interested in getting some stats from OzModChips to see how many R4 combos they've sold

      Not like the ps2 didn't have massive piracy as well...

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