The Saboteur's E3 Trailer Shies Away From Nudity

For a game as unashamed about showing female nudity as Pandemic's The Saboteur, you'd think they wouldn't feel the need to censor naked artwork in the E3 trailer. Let's peek behind the blur.

As you watch the trailer, you'll notice two things. First, the game is looking pretty damn fine. Second, there's blur all over the place. It's most noticeable when they pull away from the bar as Sean Devlin makes his exit. Not only do they blur out the artistic side-boob, they even give the statue atop the building a little smudge so we don't accidentally glimpse statue crotch.

We found an uncensored screenshot of the bar in the official fansite kit of all places, and as you can see, it really isn't a big deal.

In fact, we probably wouldn't have thought twice about the imagery had they not felt that it needed to be blurred in the first place. It's even more ridiculous when you look at the actual nudity that appears in the game itself, as see in this screen shot from Polish gaming site Gamikaze.

Did you see how many fish I had to use in that image? It's like a mini-aquarium.

Come on, EA. We're all adults here, and even those of us who aren't can tune into television most days and see far worse than naked statues.

Oh, and ">Gamikaze has the uncensored image, if that's your thing, though clicking that link is definitely a work no-no.


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