The Sniper’s New Shield Makes His Posterior Spy-Proof

The Sniper’s New Shield Makes His Posterior Spy-Proof

Backstabbing spies aren’t going to be too fond of the most recent addition to the Sniper’s load out. The Team Fortress 2 class has a new friend in the new unlockable “Razorback.”

That is to say the Sniper’s new shield has got his back. Valve released details on the battery-powered tribal shield today, which looks to prevent instant-kill backstabbing attempts from Team Fortress 2‘s sneakiest of classes. If a Spy does attempt to backstab a Sniper wearing the Razorback, he’ll be greeted with 10,000 volts of surprise.

We’re still a little hazy on some of the particulars, especially the single-use nature of the shield, but we’re following up with Valve to see if we can sort out our questions.

Sniper Update – Day 3 [Team Fortress]


  • Awesome. Every spy main in the world will cry themselves to sleep. And everyone else will laugh. LAUGH I SAY.

  • From what I gathered the Spy will make an attempt to b/s the sniper, he will be shocked & lose some health & the use of his knife for a short period of time. During this time the shield will get destroyed and the sniper will become alert of whats going on, then he can turn around and kill the spy (if he’s good enough with a knife because I assume this shield will replace the machine gun)

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