The Team At 3D Realms Says "Goodbye"

[As seen on 3D Realms]


    Maybe if they weren't lazy bastards they wouldn't be shutting down.. I know people wanted a new Duke game (me included), but there efforts were poor at best to get material produced in a timely manner.

      Because we all know the only reason companies shut down is because their staff at lazy...?

    Its not that sir, its because they've been working on Duke for 12 years... 3DRealms just recently leaked all the WIP content from Duke Nukem Forevers developement and the amount of content actually produced for the title thus far was minimal, if 3DRealms had actually nearly topped off the game, then maybe, they would have been able to release the game with a small amount of effort (as 2K still are willing to hold publishing rights) and avoided this debarkle, they probably would have closed down in the long run, but they could have at least finished off this long awaited title before they went belly up.

    They brought it on themselves. They've been dying for 13 years...Somebody had to pull the plug.

    bit of a sausage fest. maybe they needed a womans touch?

    This is from and it sounds like a pretty well formed story:

    1. George and Scott own equal parts of 3D Realms.
    2. DNF taking forever to make costs tons of money.
    3. Scott who is arguably the smarter businessman gets tired of this over time and doesn't want to dump his money into it anymore.
    4. Scott looks to other things like Radar Group and newly launched Apogee Software LLC and leaves 3D Realms in Georges hands.
    5. Scott is still technically a manager at 3D Realms but is effectively done with 3D Realms at that point.
    6. Scott is now free to run companies as he sees fit without dealing with a 50% partner.
    7. A year or so later George wasn't able to handle it, especially with lack of Scott's personal and financial cooperation.
    8. Eventually funds begin to run low.
    9. Since Scott is out, and so is money, George drives out to California to show Take 2 the game in an attempt to wow them into funding development to finish DNF.
    10. Vague references were made to Take 2 possibly having (verbally) promising money, but didn't deliver.
    11. When George requested the $5 million from Take 2 so DNF development could be funded.
    12. Take 2 counter-offered with giving 3D Realms $30 million instead.... *IF*3D Realms sells all rights to the Duke IP. (currently Take2's only has publishing rights)
    13. George\They refuse this and keep the Duke IP, instead shutting down the company and going on life support.
    14. The purpose of not selling the IP is because the Duke IP still has the potential to make money, and it is their trademark. It would be like iD selling the Doom IP.
    15. George is said to have previously went to iD Software and Epic in an attempt to make a deal with funding for them, but is turned down.
    16. ..was also said to still have plans to contact other companies to make similar requests.
    17. A company in a better position to spend $5 million, such as EA or Microsoft are seen as the most likely candidates for possibly investing in saving DNF.

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