These Are The Biggest-Selling Wii, DS Games Of All Time

Nintendo have today released more information from their 2009 fiscal year reports, this time showcasing the lifetime sales figures for many of the company's top-selling titles.

While we had some of these numbers last night, this is a far more extensive list, giving us lifetime, worldwide sales figures for every game on the Wii and DS that has sold over a million copies.

Nintendo DS

Nintendogs - 22.2 million New Super Mario Bros. - 18.4 million Personal Trainer: Cooking - 18.4 million Brain Training - 17.4 million Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - 16.8 million Mario Kart DS - 14.6 million Brain Training 2 - 13.7 million Animal Crossing: Wild World - 10 million Super Mario 64 DS - 7.5 million Mario Party DS - 5.8 million Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - 4.5 million Kirby Super Star Ultra - 2.3 million Pokemon Platinum - 3.7 million Pokemon Ranger - 2 million Rhythm Heaven - 1.9 million Professor Layton - 1.6 million

Nintendo Wii

Wii Sports - 45.7 million (includes those bundled with hardware) Wii Play - 22.9 million Wii Fit - 18.2 million Mario Kart Wii - 15.4 million Smash Bros. Brawl - 8.4 million Super Mario Galaxy - 8 million Mario Party 8 - 6.7 million Link's Crossbow Training - 3.76 million (includes those bundled with Wii Zapper) Animal Crossing: City Folk - 3.3 million Wii Music - 2.65 million Mario Super Sluggers - 1.2 million

Frightening numbers. Truly, truly frightening.


    Personal Trainer: Cooking? Didn't see that one coming in so high.

    What? There's 45.7million Wii's floating out there for Wii sports to be played on? >_>
    That can't be right.. And if its not right.. why would you need more than 1 copy per Wii?

      I think there over 50Mil. Wiis sold so far.
      Not more than one per machine, but you never know with some households.

      I cannot believe that number for Personal Trainer: Cooking. Or the fact that LOZ - TP not even mentioned.

    The real frightening part is only one 3rd party game. and I read half of 3rd party wii software is guitar hero and rock band.
    i'd guess shovelware accounts for 30-40%, leaving 10-20% for proper efforts. no wonder wii is getting shafted

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