These The First Pics Of The PS3 Slim?

While rumours have been swirling that Sony will be announcing a PS3 Slim, the company has stated earlier that it "currently has no plans" for a redesign. That was then, this is now.

Today, pictures of what appears to be a redesigned PS3 have appeared on Chinese message boards. The picture seem to come from a manufacturing plant.

There is stuff about these grainy, blurry pics that does make them look rather dubious — mainly the new logo (bye bye SPIDERMAN FONT!) and the questionable-looking plastic shell casing. It looks more like a PS3 knock-off than a Sony redesign.

A logo change during the middle of the PS3's console life is rather suspicious, because during the PS2-era, Sony did not change the console's logo. However, Ken Kutaragi, father of the PlayStation, was running the show. He's not anymore. These photos don't just show a hardware configuration, but a hardware rebranding: The logo has changed from PLAYSTATION 3 to the shorter PS3 branding.

As seen with the slimmer PlayStation consoles Sony has released in the past, a PS3 Slim does seem inevitable. But is it inevitable right now? If so, is this the machine? This is all exceedingly heavy on the rumour and speculation, so we're not 100 percent convinced. Then again, we first saw the PSP-3000 through dodgy pics (quick reminder here and here).

What does look convincing is that box. If there's anything to pin your hopes and dreams on, it's that piece of cardboard.

「PS3スリム化の発表は予定すらない」SCE発言記事が掲載中。 [ゲーム情報&ブログ]


    The unit looks way too flimsy and poxy to be real. Font on the PS3 looks a bit off as well.

      what do you have to say now? lol

    I agree that it looks too flimsy. But who knows, maybe it's for real. You know slim PS3 is coming sooner or later. I don't know if slim PS3 would be better or not though. Is it going to have the same HD, etc?

    Looks Crappy. Not aesthetically pleasing at all.


    I don't see the point of a redesign excluding of course any hardware upgrades,I like the hugeness of the ps3 as it is now, sort of gotten used to it.
    This new design makes it look like a weird placemat
    or something.

    Looks like something Skynet made...

    I reckon it's bogus; a prototype at best. That 'PS3' font is atrocious and the 'PlayStation 3' title is tiny on the box. To the average punter, the PS3 could be something different to the PlayStation 3.

    I don't think a company like Sony would risk this tenuous re-branding exercise.

    Although not actually owning a PS3 myself - i do have access to one. I hope, at the moment, this isn't it and they don't release it any time soon.

    The PS2 Slim, was pretty much an excuse to generate more sales from an already popular and in the lead console of the previous generation. (And yet it is still selling...)

    The PS3 has the potential to sell the amount the 360 is & has already sold. I'm more of an Xbox fan than PS3, but the PS3, because of it's price is behind. There are no excuses in terms of developing for the system etc... for sales excuses. It's the price.

    And Sony has stated it's not going to change. And they shouldn't. It's a Blu-Ray & a console in one. Blu-Ray players don't come cheap, once the Blu-Ray market is more popular, the price of them will decrease.

    But the PS3 is slowly picking up momentum & sales. Sony have a good line up of games this year and i believe it would be a wrong decision to announce a Slim so soon into its so called 10year plus life cycle.

    Maybe E3 next year they could announce it for a 2010 Holiday release. But i believe Sony should roll with what they got, release some good bundles & more marketing & adverts. Promote their exclusives titles a lot. I believe a price drop will come before a Slim.

    And for the record... those pictures look hideous. It's a rip off. Why shorten the name, change the font? AND who says a SLim needs to be THAT slim for a machine thats really Fat already. Half the size of the current PS3 will please anyone.

    @ "jtyson",
    Looks like you missing your old glasses!

    The sony badge is on the top left, also i believe this is the real deal, it might not be any cheaper, but will have updated spec's eg. faster BluRay drive would be a welcome.

    Time to buy

    "A logo change during the middle of the PS3’s console life is rather suspicious, because during the PS2-era, Sony did not change the console’s logo."

    Yeah but they *did* change the Playstation's logo when they redeigned it. Remember how it was rebranded from "Playstation" to "PSOne"?

    Fake my ass. This is the new ps3. Only the top cover and bottomside but the new logo as well.

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