This Horrible Device Will Automatically Switch Your Consoles Off

Once was a day parents had to do their jobs, and manually enforce the amount of time a kid spent playing on a console. Now, all they need is the GameDr.

This awful thing attaches around the outside of the your console's power plug, and claims to be tamper proof. It can be programmed to set a countdown timer, and once that countdown is up, it cuts the power.

There's small consolation in the fact you get a warning chime at both the 10-minute and 1-minute marks, but man... I was a nice kid, but if something like that had killed my Final Fantasy VII game, there would have been blood.

The GameDr Doesn't Have a Ph.D, But Will Drive Your Kids Nuts [Gizmodo]


    Well it's not horrible if you don't purchase one. And considering you are posting an article as an author on a really popular gaming site, i gather you are over 18 years of age and probably not living at home with your parents.

    It's great to save on power, get kids to get off their console & do homework or do other activities. Understand it can be frustrating but a good idea.

    what a horrible device, this may have direct links to domestic abuse in the future.

    Honestly I wish parents would just get their act together and use good, old-fashioned discipline instead of having their hand held by these stupid devices.

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