This Is Not Peter Jackson's Halo

District 9 may be about aliens and their technology, it may be directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson, but it's no Halo.

We first mentioned Jackson's other, other movie back in 2007. Now you get a chance to check out the trailer, which sort of makes it look like an indie college movie.

District 9 [Apple, thanks Nathaniel]


    OMFG there are some un-educated idiots on here...

    If you knew anything about South Africa during the apartheid days you would click on what this film is about instantly. Theres alot of underlying stuff that relates back to those days and how black people where treated. Go search for District ''6'' and see what you find relating to apartheid in South Africa.

    Neil is a legend in my eyes. I also to VFX and 3D, he left second year when I started my first year for my diploma in animation.

    Oh and before you start trolling... I am South African living in Johannesburg.

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